South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue - Working For a Safer South Yorkshire

Crews attend RTCs

14 December 2012

There have been a number of road traffic collisions (RTCs) this morning across South Yorkshire.  Many roads and paths have black ice and are causing dangerous driving conditions, please take extra care.

A fire engine from Elm Lane station which was responding to an emergency call of an RTC at 4am this morning on Barnsley Road, Lane Top in Sheffield was itself involved in an RTC with a car, which is believed to be due to the icey conditions.

Fire crews have also been called out to RTCs at:


Woodhouse Mill, Sheffield

Bradway, Sheffield

Kimberworth Park, Rotherham

Listerdale, Rotherham

Tankersley, Barnsley


General tips for staying safe on the roads at winter are:

·         On cold mornings, make sure all of your windows are properly de-misted and de-iced

·         On dark evenings, look out for motorbikes, cyclists and pedestrians

·         Drive to the conditions and leave extra space between you and the vehicle in front


Further advice and information can be found on the Highways Agency(opens in a new window) website and on this page from the Met Office(opens in a new window)