South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue - Working For a Safer South Yorkshire

Firefighter trainees' courses


Once accepted onto the training course, new firefighter trainees are put through an intensive 14 week training programme.

During the first few weeks, trainees are introduced to the drill ground where they learn about hose running, ladders, pumping and breathing apparatus.

In week four, first aid and casualty care are the main learning points which include anatomy, respiration, unconsciousness, wounds and bleeding, fractures and burns, and the use of collars and long-boards.

Building types and structures are discussed in weeks five and six, covering high rise incidents and collapsed buildings.

In week seven the trainees are shown techniques and scenarios of road traffic collisions, and the following two weeks cover flat and sewer exercises using guidelines. The trainees start to use working at height equipment and techniques.

Week ten is dedicated to learning about water rescue and incident command, and decontamination is the main topic in week twelve followed by key skill testing.

In the final weeks, trainees sit their final written and practical assessments.

For more information on the firefighter trainee course contact the Recruitment Hotline on 0114 253 2226