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We offer a range of ways to help you use this website if you are struggling with its standard appearance. For further information on the help available to you, please read on. To summarise, we offer the following aids, available from any page on this website:

  • The ability to adjust the size of text
  • A text-speaker, which literally reads aloud the content of pages and documents
  • Important and frequently requested information in a range of other languages


Text size adjustment
We know that when it comes to text on a computer screen, a "one-size-fits-all" approach can severely hamper many people. That is why we hope our text-size adjuster will help if you are having difficulty reading our pages. You don't need a special browser to use it; just select the appropriate link, found under the main menu on every page, for increasing; decreasing or resetting the size of the text. If you have cookies enabled on your browser, you will only need to set the size once for all the other pages you visit on this site, even after you close your browser. If you don't have cookies enabled, you will need to re-select the appropriate size each time you load or refresh a page. You can also use this tool together with the colour-changer, for your increased comfort.

About hearing our site read aloud
Using the 'Listen' link at the start of every page on this website, you can have content read to you by your computer. The service, which you may have heard of before, is from a company called Dixerit UK Limited and the product is called DixerIT Plus. You can choose to hear just the links on a page; all the content on a page or selected areas of a page (by highlighting the area with your mouse before playing). Please note that you will need speakers or headphones plugged in; turned on and set to an appropriate volume to use this aid.

Your web browser also needs to have a technology called JavaScript enabled in order for you to use the "play highlighted section" feature - however this is a standard technology that is built into nearly all web browsers, so unless you know it isn't enabled, it almost certainly is.

As well as normal web page content, DixerIT Plus can read the contents of PDF documents and convert RSS feeds into downloadable MP3 files. For the complete information on DixerIT Plus, please visit the DixerIT website.