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Health and wellbeing

We are committed to making South Yorkshire a safer place to live and work, but that work isn’t restricted purely to preventing fires.

We do lots more work in the community from helping to reduce road traffic collisions, to working with partners to help people live healthier lives.

Our infographic here explains how we are already making a difference throughout people’s lives.

As well as making every contact with local people count, we know that there are huge links between the sorts of people who are most likely to suffer house fires, and those with a range of health-related issues.

Some of our work to support health related work in South Yorkshire includes:

  • Providing all year six pupils within South Yorkshire CPR training
  • Health and wellbeing messages incorporated into all of our school education packages
  • Memory cafes and healthy walking clubs hosted at our fire stations, for those living with dementia and their carers
  • A slipper swap programme in order to reduce slips, trips and falls amongst older people
  • Safe and Well visits delivered in Doncaster and a programme is in place to deliver across South Yorkshire over the next year
  • A Safe and Well referral partnership with 150 organisations referring high risk people to us for support

Watch the video below to find out more about our work in the community

You can also find out more about our:

A major conference in 2016 brought together local health decision makers to look at ways the fire service can further support health and wellbeing outcomes in South Yorkshire.

The presentations from this event can be found below:

Fire as a national health asset- David Bramley
Safe and well checks could save lives- Rupert Suckling
Reaching Older People Through Partnership – Claire Cawkwell
Beyond preventing fires – Stewart Edgar
Preventing more than fires- Geoff Harris
Dementia Care Case Study- Wayne Goddard
Adding value beyond firefighting

The videos below explain the concept behind ‘making every contact count’ and the way in which the fire service can play its part.

This content was last updated on September 07th, 2017