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Health and wellbeing

We are committed to making South Yorkshire a safer place to live and work, but that work isn’t restricted purely to preventing fires.

We do lots more work in the community from helping to reduce road traffic collisions, to working with partners to help people live healthier lives.

Watch the video below to find out more about our work in the community

A major conference in 2016 brought together local health decision makers to look at ways the fire service can further support health and wellbeing outcomes in South Yorkshire.

The presentations from this event can be found below:

Fire as a national health asset- David Bramley

Safe and well checks could save lives- Rupert Suckling

Reaching Older People Through Partnership – Claire Cawkwell

Beyond preventing fires – Stewart Edgar

Preventing more than fires- Geoff Harris

Dementia Care Case Study- Wayne Goddard

Adding value beyond firefighting

This content was last updated on March 22nd, 2017