SSCR Barnsley

Stronger Safer Communities Reserve: Barnsley projects

The Stronger Safer Communities Reserve has funded a number of projects to make people safer in Barnsley. These are summarised below.
ProjectOrganisationProject Summary
Sleeping SafelyBarnsley NHS Foundation TrustSpecialist midwives work with families with substance misuse issues. The project provides a room thermometer with 3 safety messages that promote: smoke free homes, sleep safe & safety in the home to improve the life chances of vulnerable babies and children
Sprinklers retrofit in sheltered homesBerneslai HomesFitting of sprinkler systems in sheltered accommodation scheme. Average age of tenants is 75 years with health and mobility problems increasing vulnerability & risk of Fire.
Widening HorizonsPhoenix FuturesStructured day care programme providing support for vulnerable people at high risk of harm to themselves and others because of substance misuse. The project will develop & deliver training sessions on fire and personal safety at Lifewise.
Safe & SecureCommunity Safety & Enforcement ServiceTarget hardening for victims and witnesses identified as at risk of harm. SYFR will be part of the risk assessment and will be able to fit smoke alarms in properties at higher risk of deliberate fires.

This content was last updated on October 04th, 2016