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We are committed to ensuring all our visitors can access our website.

WAI is a set of guidelines developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and conformance to these guidelines will help make the Web more accessible to all users.

Our most audit recent shows this website conforms to the AA standard under these guidelines.

Text size

The text size on this site is created in such a way that makes it resizable in any browser, should you find it too small to read.

Instructions are given for major browsers below:

  • Internet Explorer (version 5 and later):
    Choose Tools> Internet Options…> Accessibility… and check the ignore font sizes specified on web pages option. Click OK, OK, and then you can alter the text size using the View> Text Size option.
  • Mozilla FireFox
    Select the keys CTRL and + (From menu: View, Text Size, Increase) together to increase text size and CTRL and – to reduce it (From menu: View, Text Size, Decrease)
  • All other browsers should be able to resize the text directly from the menu bar. Please see your specific browser help pages if you are having difficulty.

Plain English

We also aim to use plain English to share information as clearly and as concisely as possible. If you have questions about the clarity or quality of information we provide on this website, please contact us

Alternative languages

We use the Google Translate plugin to enable you to translate our pages into your preferred languages. Currently, a list of 12 languages is provided based on the most common languages found in South Yorkshire. You will find this plugin in the footer of all of our website pages.

British Sign Language

We provide some of our essential fire safety information in British Sign Language. You can find this information here.

Downloadable documents

Where possible we try to provide downloadable documents in different formats including PDF and rich text format. If you would like a document in an alternative format, please contact us


This content was last updated on September 24th, 2015