Overnight incidents 25/26 March

A Vauxhall Astra car was deliberately set on fire at 7:30pm on Fretson Road South, Sheffield. Firefighters from Central station attended the incident. They left at 7:50pm.

Two fire crews from Central station were called out to a fence panel which had been deliberately set on fire at 11:30pm on Broad Street, Sheffield. They came away at 11:50pm.

Tankersley firefighters attended a deliberate fence fire at 11:50pm on West Street, Hoyland, Barnsley. They came away at 12:10am.

Another fence was also deliberately set on fire at 1:15am this morning on Alma Road, Moorgate, Rotherham. Firefighters from Rotherham station attended. They left the scene at 1:30am.

A wheelie bin fire was deliberately set on fire at 2am on New Cross Way, Sheffield. A fire crew from Parkway station attended. They came away at 2:15am.

At 2:10am Parkway station attended another deliberate wheelie bin fire on Miler Croft, Sheffield. They left the scene at 2:30am.

Cudworth firefighters were called out to rescue a small dog which was trapped in a fence at 4:40am on Acacia Grove, Shafton, Barnsley. The dog was safely left with the owner. The crew came away at 5am.


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