Safe & Well

We are committed to achieving a safer South Yorkshire for all communities. We have a duty to promote fire safety, particularly to those who are the most vulnerable or experience barriers in accessing our services, but we we know we cannot tackle fire safety iSafe and Well logossues alone.

There is increasing evidence that people at greatest risk of fire related death or serious injury are from vulnerable or hard to reach groups and are already known to statutory, private and voluntary sector organisations. It is therefore vital that services focus on partnership working to improve identification and access to those most at risk in our communities.

The Safe & Well partnership scheme aims to improve how the we, partners and other local organisations work together to effectively identify people from high risk and excluded groups to reduce risks to keep them safe.

Do you work with someone at risk of fire?

If the answer is yes, please sign up to our Safe and Well scheme

Someone is considered more at risk if they:

  •  Are over 65 years of age
  • Live alone
  • Have a physical or learning disability
  • Have a sensory or cognitive impairment, including dementia or memory loss
  • Take any medication that may affect their ability to react to or escape from fire
  • Have a mental health illness
  • Have substance or alcohol dependency
  • Are a smoker
  • Are unable to protect themselves from harm for any reason

This content was last updated on July 25th, 2017