Business Continuity

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue maintain business continuity arrangements and recovery plans in accordance with Section 21 of the Fire & Rescue Service Act 2004, the Fire & Rescue National Framework for England and The Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

Our plans are designed to enable SYFR to respond effectively to emergencies which may affect the delivery of its core functions.

Business continuity arrangements and plans anticipate both internal and external risks and hazards to the Services ability to carry out its core functions: fire safety; fire-fighting; road traffic collisions and emergencies.  This includes: a major loss of staff; local or regional catastrophe; wide-scale national disruption or a terrorist attack.

Business continuity arrangements define the necessary actions to maintain these core functions so far as is reasonable practicable.

SYFR align our BC planning to the international standard ISO 22301. This ensures that our Business Continuity Management System operates within a framework which provides for Strategic, Tactical and Operational planning. Individual recovery plans exist for specific functions, all fire stations and major incidents.

We operate within a managerial structure which ensures that we have up to date and accurate plans at all times in relation to our critical activities:

  • The Deputy Chief Fire Officer is accountable for the Business Continuity Policy and Implementation.
  • The Business Continuity Management and Steering Groups, through the Business Continuity Manager are responsible for implementing and maintaining the Business Continuity Management System.
  • The Business Continuity Crisis Team are responsible for managing the response to BC activations at the Tactical Level.
  • Functional Area / Department Heads are responsible for preparation and maintenance of plans for their own Functional Area / Department.

Business Continuity update reports are provided to our Corporate Management Board on a quarterly basis and the South Yorkshire Fire Authority have appointed a member to oversee Business Continuity throughout the service.

Business continuity arrangements and plans are reviewed and maintained on a regular basis to ensure that documented information is current and accurate. The entire plans are reviewed annually and these are ratified at an Annual meeting of the Business Continuity Management Team.

We operate a system of internal audit of BC plans to ensure compliance with ISO 22301 and our BC policy. These audits are led by our BC manager who is a Certified Lead Auditor for Business Continuity and a full member of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI).

We also have other members of staff who are affiliate members of the BCI and who assist with SYFRs BC arrangements.

SYFR works closely with other agencies to ensure that our Business Continuity Plans compliment those of other organisations. We have regular multi-agency meetings to ensure that we remain able to respond throughout South Yorkshire in the face of adversity.

In addition to the plans which exist within our own organisation, SYFR are also keen that all businesses within South Yorkshire are adequately prepared and build resilience into their operations.

We support the South Yorkshire Local Authorities, who operate schemes to assist businesses with Business Continuity preparedness.

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This content was last updated on January 10th, 2019