We are at the forefront of fire sprinkler projects and initiatives – both locally and nationally. We are members of the National Fire Sprinkler Network and the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association.

Fire sprinklers are the only effective way to detect fire within a premise – and most likely extinguish it. Water and fire damage is minimal, installation costs are low and there is a reduced risk to firefighters entering buildings under fire conditions.

Sprinklers can:

  • Reduce fire death and risk of injury
  • Reduce the effects of arson
  • Protect property
  • Provide enhanced resilience for businesses and communities
  • Mitigate fire risks commonly associated with high risk premises
  • Reduce the environmental impact of fire
  • Permit freedoms to encourage inclusive and sustainable architectural designs

Fire sprinklers are best recognised as continuous combined fire detection and suppression systems. They will detect a fire no matter what time of the day, even if the premises are empty or occupied. Fire sprinklers are effective in both domestic/residential and commercial environments. They make fires more easily controllable and limit the production of harmful smoke and fumes. The cost of a domestic fire sprinkler installation is comparable to a central heating system.

The fire service nationally has developed considerable knowledge and experience of both commercial and domestic sprinkler systems. South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue has a lead officer who can provide impartial specific advice on request, and can be contacted via email at rbrason@syfire.gov.uk

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This content was last updated on August 08th, 2017