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Doncaster teenager pens poem to mark 50th year of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

A Doncaster teenager has penned a poem for Askern Fire Station to show his appreciation for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service as the service marks its 50th year.

The poem is the first in a series that Mason Miller (pictured right), 15, plans to write for each station across the county.

He had his first brush with the emergency services when he had an epileptic seizure when he was 18 months old and stopped breathing.

After receiving chest compressions he then had to be placed into a medically induced coma and has been regularly in and out of hospital since then due to his epilepsy.

He was also diagnosed with autism and attends a special educational needs school where he has been since 2017.

He said: “Since I was always in ambulances, I developed a love for the emergency services and would always have a toy ambulance or fire engine in my hand.

“By 2021 I had begun making little videos about the fire service and then in 2022 I decided to visit Doncaster Fire Station.”

This was a big step for him and helped him feel more independent.

“Seeing the fire engine turning out, sirens blaring, it unlocked something inside of me.

“I kept visiting as much as I could. I had so much support from the crews and they always made me feel welcome – it gave me the confidence to expand,” he added.

He has now visited all fire stations in South Yorkshire as well as stations in West and North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

He also joined Fire Cadets in September last year.

“I’m honestly so grateful for everyone and every crew as I feel like I wouldn’t be this far in my life if it wasn’t for them.

“I wanted to do the poems as I saw SYFR was turning 50 this year and I wanted to thank them for what they’ve done for me.

“It’s something I love and I thought they’d love it too!”

You can read the poem below:

In Askern town, where heroes reside,

Stands a station with courage and pride.

With Jupiter gleaming, ready to go,

They face the flames, a mighty show.

At Askern Fire Station, they’re always prepared,

To answer the call, no matter where.

With sirens blaring, lights shining bright,

They rush to the scene, From work or home, day and night.

Firefighters brave, with courage so strong,

They battle the blaze, all day long.

With pagers in hand ready to respond to fires,

Their dedication never tires.

From burning buildings to rescue missions,

They save lives with their brave decisions.

In times of danger, they’re always there,

To protect and serve, with respect  and care.

They train and train, to be the best,

To face any challenge, with no rest.

With teamwork and skill, they work as one,

To keep the community safe and sound.

Jupiters lights,  beacons of hope,

A mobile office where heroes learn to cope.

They risk their lives, without a doubt,

To help others, that’s what it’s about.

So let’s salute the firefighters true,

For all they do, for me and you.

Askern Fire Station, we’re grateful to you,

For keeping us safe, in all that you do.

Fire service film launches year of 50th celebrations

The county’s fire service has announced plans to mark its 50th anniversary, after publishing a poem and a video celebrating South Yorkshire’s culture and heritage.

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue has released ‘South Yorkshire, our love’ in recognition of its five decades serving its communities.

Watch the video here

The poem is voiced by Sheffield’s Lioness and world cup finalist Esme Morgan, with the music track performed by the South Yorkshire Police band- with the police also marking their 50th anniversary in 2024.

Chief Fire Officer Chris Kirby, said: “Everyone at South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue is incredibly proud of our county’s heritage, culture and its people. Everyone who joins us does so because they hold a burning desire to help others. We feel honoured to have been doing that for almost 50 years now.”

“We’ve got lots of plans to celebrate our half century throughout 2024- from open days and fundraisers, to staff celebrations and a few surprises along the way. We’re really excited to involve local people in our plans as the year goes on.”

Professional firefighting in South Yorkshire dates back much longer than 50 years.

But it was at midnight of 31 March 1974 that the City of Sheffield Fire Brigade, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Fire Brigade, Rotherham Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Barnsley Metropolitan Fire Brigade, and the parts of the former West Riding Fire Brigade that lay with the new South Yorkshire boundary, became what was then known as South Yorkshire County Fire Service.

For more information and updates about the service’s 50th celebrations visit, or find South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue on WhatsApp Channels.