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Two garden fires spread to property

Two unattended garden fires spread to property in Sheffield on Saturday night.

First, a garden brazier on Archdale Road was left unattended whilst the owner went inside to watch TV.

The fire spread to a shed and the blaze was tackled by Parkway firefighters at around 8pm.

Then, a garden fire on Moncrieffe Road Sheffield was left unattended after occupiers had thought it had been extinguisged. A nearby conifer caught light and the fire spread to the roof of a neighbouring house.

Central and Lowedges firefighters dealt with the blaze at around 9pm.

“This is a popular time of year for people to bring out the chiminea, fire up the BBQ or maybe burn off some garden waste. But in dry conditions, nearby property like sheds and garages and vegetation like trees and shrubs can easily catch fire. If you must have a fire, make sure you site it well away from things like this, make sure it is properly extinguished before you go indoors and keep a bucket of water on standby in case things get out of control,” a fire service spokesperson said.

This content was last updated on August 10th, 2015