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Safer South Yorkshire referral scheme

Our prevention work over the last 15 years has helped to reduce accidental house fires to historically low levels. But in common with most other Fire & Rescue Services nationally, recent years have seen a slight increase in fatal accidents.

We are committed to making South Yorkshire Safer & Stronger and have a duty to promote fire safety, particularly to those who are the most vulnerable or experience barriers in accessing our services, but we know we cannot tackle fire safety issues alone.

Analysis of each incident has found common factors involved in almost of all our recent fire deaths, such as hoarding, social isolation, and substance misuse and mental health problems. For reasons such as these, many house fire victims were already known to at least one other agency. Sadly in most cases South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue were not.

Most of these deaths could have been prevented but we need your help.

The best way to help us, help those most at risk is to sign up to become a Safer South Yorkshire Referral Partner.

The Safer South Yorkshire Referral Scheme aims to improve how the fire service and local organisations work together to effectively identify and reduce hazards for people most at risk.

Why should my organisation become a Safer South Yorkshire Referral Partner?

We believe the Safer South Yorkshire Referral Scheme is a secure and convenient way for all partners to effectively make referrals into South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue. Membership of the scheme will enable SYFR and partners to work together to keep our communities and services safer.

This is done by:

  • South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue training partners and their teams on Fire Safety Awareness
  • Secure referral pathways for partners working with people at risk
  • South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue carrying out Home Safety Checks or Safe & Well Checks for those most in need

What is a Home Safety Check?

We consider the Home Safety Check to be the most effective way we can carry out the necessary prevention work to reduce hazards for those at risk.

A Home Safety Check includes specific advice on reducing fire risks, tailored escape plans, installation of resources including smoke alarms where we feel they required. We can also sign post to other partner agencies and attend multi-agency meetings when risk has been identified.

What is a Safe & Well Check?

We have existing good practice within the fire sector and are including further interventions when carrying out Home Safety Checks within the community. This includes advice relating to the wider health and wellbeing agenda, such as healthy aging conversations. This is currently aimed at residents aged 65 years and over. This in addition to the Home Safety Check we offer within South Yorkshire.

Do you work with someone may be at risk of fire or think would benefit from a fire service visit?

If the answer is yes, please sign up to our Safer South Yorkshire Referral Scheme.

Someone may be considered more at risk if they:

  • Are under the threat of arson or fire related crime
  • Live alone
  • Have a physical or learning disability
  • Have a cognitive impairment, including dementia or memory loss
  • Have a sight
  • Have a hearing impairement
  • Use or have access to medical oxygen or store other flammables within the home
  • Hazardous smoking practice
  • Have a mental health issue
  • Have a substance or alcohol dependency
  • Have adult social are needs
  • Are unable to protect themselves from harm for any reason
  • Aged over 50
  • 6 or more people live in the property
  • Children under 5 in the property
  • Unsafe electrical items in the property

This content was last updated on December 09th, 2022