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Firefighters thanked following purrfect rescue

A fire officer and crews have been praised by a member of the public for rescuing his beloved cat from a fire at his home.

John Scruby from Derbyshire has thanked Rotherham Station Manager and firefighters after they went into his smoke filled house to search and rescue Bella the cat.

The fire was nearly out when John arrived to find fire crews at his home. Concerned for Bella, it was soon realised that she was still inside. Station Manager Ellie Hunneyball quickly entered the property, emerging ten minutes later with Bella, alive, but very distressed.

Bella was taken straight to the vets and kept in overnight in an oxygen tent, but has since made a full recovery.

John and his wife, along with Bella have now visited the crews to thank them in person for saving their home and Bella.

Owner John Scruby said; “I later found out that the firefighter was a Station Manager in Rotherham and a cat owner herself. I would like to thank her and the crew from the bottom of my heart for saving Bella.”

Station Manager Ellie Hunneyball said; “I am so pleased that Bella made a full recovery after spending the night at the vets.

“Animals have a strong survival instinct and will try to get to a place of safety, which Bella did. The fire was in the attic and the first floor was smoke logged but she got as far away from the fire as she could by hiding under the sofa on the ground floor, which was clear of any smoke.”

We would urge pet owners not to return to their properties during a fire to retrieve their pets, as they will either make their own way out once they see an exit or professional fire crews will carry out rescues if necessary.

This content was last updated on April 08th, 2019