Contracts register

Here we list contracts and framework agreements for goods, works and services that we purchase regularly.  The list will be updated frequently and will include any new contracts that have been agreed.

The list is intended to give potential suppliers a greater understanding of what we buy and when contracts are scheduled to be reviewed, and where appropriate when they will go out to tender.

The YORtender portal which we use to advertise and procure our contracts went live on 1st January 2013 and we will be using the system to also provide details of South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue’s current contracts.  This information will assist suppliers with the opportunity to review and monitor contracts that are due for renewal.

You can access the system by registering and logging onto Yortender. If you need help please contact

Once registered, contract information can be viewed on YORtender through Contract Stores under the search criteria of “Sub Region” and “Procurement Authority”.

Contracts Register Oct-Dec 2014
Contracts Register Jan-Mar 2015
Contracts Register April-June 2015
Contracts Register July-Sept 2015
Contracts Register Oct-Dec 2015
Contracts Register Jan-March 2016
Contracts Register April-June 2016
Contracts Register July-Sept 2016
Contracts Register Oct – Dec 2016
Contracts Register Jan – Mar 2017
Contracts Register April-June 2017

Information regarding Invitations to Tender over £5,000

Here is a list of procurement credit card expenditure:
Oct – Dec 2014
Jan – Mar 2015
Apr – June 2015
July – Sept 2015
Oct-Dec 2015
Jan – Mar 2016
Apr – June 2016
July – Sept 2016
Oct – Dec 2016

Jan – March 17

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