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South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue
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What we spend and how we spend it

Funding is provided directly by the Government as Revenue Support Grant, Business Rates and Other grant income. The remainder is raised via the precept which forms part of the council tax bills issued by the District Councils. The Authority only sets it budget after taking account of the Governments regulations on capping, the level of reserves it has available and any income that it generates.

The 2023/24 budget report can be viewed on the Fire Authority website here (item 11) and the 2022-2026 Medium Term Financial Plan can be viewed on the Fire Authority website here (item 12)

For 2023/24 the Authority has a budget of £64.2m agreed at the 20 February 2023 meeting, which includes a Council Tax increase of £5. The budget has been set against a total funding allocation of £62.8m and the use of earmarked reserves of £1.42m.

The Authority agreed to retain a minimum general reserve of £5m and an Efficiency Plan will be submitted to ensure future deficit positions are minimised to achieve a balanced budget over the medium term.

The budget is planned to be spent as follows:

Operational Staff- £40.1m
Corporate Staff- £10m
Indirect Staff Costs- £2m
Transport- £1.3m
Premises- £4.5m
Supplies and Services- £4m
Central expenses- £1m
Capital financing- £2.5m
Income- (£1.1m)

Total- £64.2m

The Fire and Rescue Authority’s budget comes from a variety of sources:

Local Taxpayers- £30.9m
Revenue Support Grant- £9.6m
Business Rates- £16.2m
Other Income- £6.1m
Reserve- £1.4m

Total- £64.2m

Annual Statement of Accounts

Statement of Accounts

Financial Audit Reports

Internal Audit Charter and Annual Reports
External Audit Letters, ISA260 and Annual Reports

Audit plans and reports are presented to the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority Audit and Governance Committee meetings

Staff pay and grading structure

Statement of Accounts includes details of senior officers with a pro-rata salary of more than £50,000.

Pay Policy Statements Sections 38 to 43 of the Localism Act 2011, details of pay, including remuneration, performance related pay, bonuses and any other allowances of senior staff (‘chief officers’) and the lowest paid employees and the relationships between them.

Annual Equality Report and Workforce Profile

Expenses paid to or incurred by members of the Authority and Senior Officers

Register of Members Claims

Register of Principal Officer Claims

Procurement Procedures

How to do business with us includes information about general conditions of contract and our Procurement Strategy 2018-20.

Contract Standing Orders (Constitution Part 5e) defines procedures for written quotations and competitive tenders from suppliers for the provision of supplies, services and works.

List of Contracts and Values

Spending over £500 invoices, credit notes and grants paid

Contracts-Register contracts valued over £5,000

Current Tenders – Yortender quotation and tender opportunities

Internal Financial Regulations and Delegated Authority

Scheme of Delegation to Officers (Constitution Part 3)

Financial Regulations (Constitution Part 5c)

Financial Procedures (Our Constitution Part 5d)

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