Freedom of information

Under The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) you have a general right of access to all types of ‘recorded’ information held by public authorities.

When you ask us for information under FOIA, we have to:

  • Confirm or deny that we hold the information requested
  • Acknowledge your request within five working days
  • Give you the information you have asked for within 20 working days of receiving your request
  • Provide you with a ‘reasonable’ level of assistance to gain access to our information
  • Inform you of the exemption that applies if we are not releasing the information you want
  • Advise you how to appeal if you are not satisfied with our response.

Please note that in rare cases, where we calculate that it will cost more than £450 to collate and provide the information you have requested, we may decline to provide the information. In such cases we work out the costs and issue a Fees Notice to you. If you pay the fee within 3 months, we will then provide the information.

You can read our foi policy.

How to make an information request under FOI

Your request must:

  • Be in writing (fax or e-mail are acceptable). We cannot take FOI requests by phone
  • Contain a contact name and address – we may need to contact you to clarify the request. A telephone number would also be useful and we will need somewhere to send the information
  • Contain a description of the information required.

Your request should be addressed to:

The Freedom of Information Coordinator,
South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue,
197 Eyre Street,
S1 3FG.

Or by email to

If you have any questions regarding FOI contact our Freedom of Information Coordinator by emailing . Please ask for assistance if you have any difficulty in formulating or making an application.

Publication scheme

Under FOIA, we also have to publish a Publication Scheme. This sets out the classes of information we hold, what we routinely publish and where, and whether a charge will be made for the type of information.  Quite a lot of information about us is available elsewhere on this website, so before you submit an FOI request, please check out our Publication Scheme, as you may find the information you want without needing to make a specific request.

This content was last updated on August 22nd, 2018