South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue
  • In emergencies call 999
  • General enquiries 0114 272 7202
A breathing apparatus mask hangs down from a firefighters neck. You can see the mask, up close, and can just make out a number of firefighters gathered round the individual's mask. They are wearing black firefighting kit.

Lists and registers

Asset lists and information asset register

SYFR Fleet List.csv of vehicles in service is published as part of our Open Data information.

SYFR Land and Building Assets.csv

Land_and_Building_Assets.csv is published as part of our Open Data information.

SYFRA Statement of Accounts provides summary information of the valuation of SYFR land, buildings, vehicles, plant, furniture and equipment.

Registers open to public inspection (and arrangements for access to the contents)

SYFR Public Register of Notices Serviced Under the Environmental and Safety Information Act 1998; a register of information about the issue of Alteration, Enforcement and Prohibition Notices open to inspection by the public free of charge. Information is also available via the National Enforcement Register on the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) website.

Register of member’ interests

SYFRA Member’s Register of Interest is available on the SYFRA website.

Register of gifts and hospitality

SYFR Register of Gifts and Hospitality received by staff is published as part of our Open Data information.

This content was last updated on October 16th, 2020