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Off duty firefighters in Welsh rescue

South Yorkshire firefighters have helped to rescue a man who fell into the sea- in Wales!

The six- Firefighter o’Donnell, Firefighter Martin, Crew Manager Marsh, Crew Manager Bowes and Watch Managers Devonport and Gaye- were visiting the principality for a water rescue training course when they spotted people rushing to the aid of a stricken casualty who slipped off the promenade in Beaumaris.

The older man had fallen into the sea whilst out walking with his wife last Wednesday morning.

Passers-by raised the alarm and secured a throwline around him.

The Beaumaris lifeboat crew and Penmon Coastguard Rescue Team were then mobilised to assist- which is when the firefighters from South Yorkshire became involved.

Watch Manager Gary Devonport, who was amongst the rescuers, said: “We’d only been reflecting that morning how we often seem to stumble upon incidents like this when we’re away on training courses, then we saw a man in a dry suit rush past the window of the room where we were having breakfast. We immediately realised something serious had happened, so we gathered our equipment and went to see what we could help.

“The lifeboat crew had successfully rescued the man from the water’s edge, then we helped to carry him back to the safety of the lifeboat station. The man was clearly in a lot of pain and with the help of the RNLI crew helped get the man out of his wet clothes. And provided him with some oxygen and thermal balnkets. at the time and had a suspected broken hip, but we understand he is making a recovery and wish him well for the future.”

This content was last updated on March 26th, 2019