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Fire spate prompts warning to businesses

Fire officers are issuing a warning to care homes, hotels and other South Yorkshire businesses this week following a series of recent tumble dryer fires.

Firefighters from Stocksbridge, Tankersley and Rivelin were called to the Belmont House Care Home in Stocksbridge at the end of last month to a fire in the laundry room.

The cause of the blaze, which occurred on Wednesday 30 January and caused significant damage to the laundry room, was put down to a build up of fluff in a tumble dryer.

John Parry, one of the service’s business fire safety managers, says the majority of these incidents are caused either by the build-up of fluff, or by the build-up of heat during the drying cycle.

“These incidents can be devastating to businesses as they can incur costs upwards of £300,000 but, more importantly, can put people and lives in danger,” he added.

“This is especially relevant in care homes where the residents may be vulnerable and, in our view, should provide more than enough motivation to start taking steps to reduce the risk from your dryers.

“It is also worth noting that many businesses never recover after a fire, 60 per cent in fact. Fortunately there are simple things you can do to safeguard your business and residents.”

The service’s advice to businesses, for preventing tumble dryer fires, is outlined below:

  • Service and maintain all dryers as per the manufacturers guidelines
  • Keep them clean – regularly empty lint and fluff from the filters
  • Allow them to finish their full cycle so that the load can cool down properly
  • Don’t leave them running overnight
  • Register them to ensure you’re kept aware of any recalls or updates

This content was last updated on February 11th, 2019