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Discarded cigarette sets decking alight

Crews from Cudworth and Barnsley station attended an incident on Saturday 5 August at 3:05pm on Newhill Road, Smithies in Barnsley.

Upon arrival, crews found significant fire damage to the property’s patio doors and outdoor decking area.

It is believed the fire started accidentally as a result of a discarded cigarette.

Luckily the property had a working smoke alarm which raised awareness to the fire.

At 3:35pm our crews left the scene.

Smokers should take extra care to keep the risk of fire low by following some basic fire safety advice:

Never smoke in bed – it’s very easy to fall asleep and allow your cigarette to set light to your bedclothes or furnishings
Don’t smoke if you’re drowsy – especially if you’re sitting in a comfortable chair or if you’ve been drinking or taking prescription drugs. Again, it’s easy to fall asleep
Don’t leave a lighted cigarette, pipe or cigar unattended – they can easily overbalance and land on the carpet or other flammable material
Make totally sure that your butts aren’t still smouldering – wet them and empty your ashtray into a metal bin outside the house
Keep lighters, matches and smoking materials out of the reach of children – you can also buy child-resistant lighters and containers for matches

This content was last updated on August 09th, 2017