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Fire crews’ praise for Good Samaritans

Firefighters have praised the quick thinking of two members of the public who rescued a wheelchair-bound woman from a chip pan fire at her Sheffield home.

Fire crews from Central station were called to the address on Woodhead Road at 1.20pm on Tuesday. Upon arrival they found the woman in her 70s had already been wheeled out of the property by two passers-by. They had also removed the flaming chip pan from the house, preventing a serious kitchen fire.

Firefighters ventilated the smoke-logged house. The occupant was taken to hospital to receive treatment for smoke inhalation.

A fire service spokesperson said: “We would not normally encourage members of the public to deal with a fire but in this instance their quick actions helped to prevent a much more serious incident, and possibly further injury to the occupant.

“This is another reminder of the danger of chip pans, which are the cause of many severe house fires. We would urge people to throw out chip pans and replace them with a deep fat fryer which has a thermostat to control its temperature.”


This content was last updated on July 07th, 2015