Find The Time campaign – grandparent check

How safe are your older relatives?

For our latest campaign we’re asking people to find the time to visit the older people in their lives and go through our Grandparent Check, which asks a series of questions including whether they live alone, smoke, need a walking aid and use emollient creams.



Our statistics show that fire risk can increase with age and, if you answer yes to any of the questions above in relation to an older friend, neighbour or relative, they may be at higher risk and be eligible for a free home safety check by our staff. Check today by filling out our home safety check referral form, below.

In the meantime, help make them safer by:

  • Making sure they have working smoke alarms
  • Ensuring they’ve got a proper ash tray, if they smoke
  • Getting them a working phone that stays with them all the time
  • Speaking to them about what to do in the event of a fire
  • Helping them de-clutter, particularly their exit routes

Home Safety Check referral form

The form below collects some personal information, which we will only use for the purposes described. You can find out more about how we collect and store personal information here. 

If you’re filling this form for someone else please ensure you enter their details on their behalf. Ensure that the contact number provided can be used to organise a visit.

This content was last updated on April 01st, 2019