Weekend incidents 12 – 14 June


At 8:01pm crews from Central and Rivelin were called to an incident in a commercial building on Westbrook Court in Sharrow Vale. This fire had started in the ground floor hallway which contained an electric paper shredder. The fire is believed to have started accidentally. Crews left around 9:44pm.

At 11:44pm on Cox Road in Sheffield, crews attended a small vehicle fire believed to have been started deliberately. Rivelin attended. The fire was located around both front wheels and in the engine compartment at the offside. Crews left around 00:26am Saturday morning.


At 04:24am on City Road in Sheffield, crews from Central and Parkway attended a small vehicle fire. It was deemed to be deliberate. The car fire on the driveway had also spread to the house. One male was rescued from the property with no injuries. Crews left at  07:22am.

On Burton Road in Monk Bretton, crews were called at 08:54am to a car fire. Cudworth attended and this was a Land rover defender fully burntout on arrival. Firefighters left at 09:55am. The fire was believed to be deliberate.

At 2:43pm on Cavendish Road in Holmes, Rotherham, firefighters from Rotherham and Elm Lane attended an incident at a property under construction. This was an accumulation of refuse (mattress and furnishings) in the kitchen. The kitchen was well alight. They left the scene at 3:47pm and the fire was deemed to be deliberate.

At 7:39pm firefighters were called to a small vehicle fire on Abney Road in Sheffield. Deliberate. This was a Piaggio scooter in the woods and was believed to have been started deliberately. Crews left at 08:06pm.


At 00:24am a crew from Cudworth attended a small vehicle fire on Bradbury walk Lane in Wombwell. It was a Ford KA involved. The fire was believed to be deliberate and crews left the scene at 01:23am.

On Gaunt Road in Sheffield, firefighters from Central and Lowedges were called to a kitchen fire around 1:29pm. It was believed to have started accidentally from a pizza box left inside oven which caught fire. All occupants were evacuated safely.  Crews left at 2:03pm



This content was last updated on June 15th, 2020