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Children and Young People Fire Setting

Whether they happen at home, in school or in the community, intentionally or unintentionally, fires set by children are always a cause for concern as they risk serious injury to themselves and others.

Children Fire Setting:

Most children develop an interest in fire between the ages of three and five, having watched fire being used to cook food, seen adults lighting cigarettes or candles being blown out on a birthday cake. It is not surprising that children and young people are curious about fire but most often they do not understand the consequences of playing with fire. Children who play with fire do not usually intend to start a fire, cause damage or hurt anyone. Young children need clear structured advice and supervision and are led by the example of adults and influenced by their actions and behaviour. Most children and many adults underestimate the power and spread of fire and overestimate how much control they have over it.

Deliberate Fire Setting:

Deliberate fire setters are usually older children who are aware of the consequences but the fire setting meets a particular need. This might include children who set fire out of boredom, anger or to seek attention.

The “Think Family” Advice and Awareness Visit:

Our Community Safety staff can arrange to visit the family home to complete a home safety check and deliver a session plan, which builds on and reinforces the fire safety messages delivered in schools. The session involves all members of the household including the fire setting child. The session includes the identification of potential fire risks around the home, the consequences of playing with matches and lighters, the importance of a bedtime routine, the creation of a fire escape plan and what to do in the event of a fire.

Making a Referral:

To request this service, please complete the Think Family Referral Form and return it to the Admin Team

You will need to confirm on the form that the fire setter or parent / guardian have agreed to have their details passed to SYFR.

Once the referral form has been processed a fire community safety officer will contact the family by phone to arrange a date to visit at the earliest convenience.

This content was last updated on February 28th, 2018