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Youth intervention packages

As well as going into schools to deliver presentations to both primary and secondary pupils, we also run a range of youth engagement and intervention packages. These are outlined below:

Fired Up

Fired Up is a three day resilience programme designed with to assist young people post-pandemic. It works on the six pillars of resilience – practically showing young people when they are engaging them so they can better use them when needed. A physically demanding programme for small and established groups of young people. They will be pushed to their limit, and then asked for just a little more, embracing the course motto – “If you think you can’t go on, go on”


The Ignite courses aims to highlight the consequences of anti-social behaviour, increasing confidence, resilience and coping mechanisms through an intensive one week course which includes scenario and class based sessions. It is designed to develop and encourage team building, increase fire safety awareness and provide young people with valuable life skills, resilience and coping mechanisms.

If you would like to arrange one of these packages please contact 0114 272 7202 and ask to speak to the Watch Manager for the district you are in.

This content was last updated on March 20th, 2023