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Education packages

We currently offer the following carefully developed education packages to primary and secondary schools (including special schools) within South Yorkshire.

Primary School Packages

Great Fire of London & People Who Help Us – Foundation & Key Stage 1

In partnership with us, the National Emergency Services Museums learning and discovery team offer fire safety workshops at the museum, as well as outreach visits based on The Great Fire of London and People Who Help Us. These are tailored to Foundation and Key Stage One students. For more information on educational day visits to the museum call 0114 249 1999, email  or click here.

Play It Safe – Year 3 (or equivalent)

This is an animation programme designed to help deliver safety messages to young children. In the DVD film, Bleeper (a smoke alarm) and his best friend, Battery, help young children learn about fire safety. The animation includes safety messages on smoke alarms, fire safety in the home, escape plans, fire drills, hazards in the home, bonfire safety and road safety. It also includes wellbeing messages relating to healthy eating and the benefits of regular exercise.

Crucial Crew

Crucial Crew is a programme for 10-11-year-olds that is run at the joint fire and police Lifewise Centre in Rotherham. All year six pupils are invited to spend an interactive role play day at the centre where they are taken through a life-like village. Fire and police staff, who run the centre, take them through a range of different topics, including fire safety, bus safety, road safety, drug awareness, online safety and much more.

Secondary School Packages

Heat of the Moment – Year 7/8

Heat of the Moment highlights the dangers of arson and hoax calls and considers the consequences of fire setting behaviour. It encourages young people to take responsibility for their own actions and also includes health and wellbeing and water safety messages.

Seasonal School Packages

These packages can be delivered to both primary and secondary school pupils.

Dark Nights

This is where a member of our staff will come into your school and talk to pupils in the lead up to Halloween and Bonfire Night. They will cover firework safety, bonfire safety, anti-social behaviour, peer pressure and more.

Light Nights

This is similar to Dark Nights but is delivered before the summer. Our staff will talk to students about water safety, deliberate fire setting, road safety and more.

How to book one of the education packages

If your school would like to receive the Play it Safe or the Heat of the Moment education packages mentioned above please contact to request a booking form.

For any of the seasonal packages please contact our Community Safety Team via

If your school would like a visit to Crucial Crew please get in touch using this link Lifewise Centre  

For the Great Fire of London & People Who Help Us visits to the museum please call 0114 249 1999, email  or click here.

We’re sorry that we’re not able to visit any year groups other than those stated above to deliver these packages (this includes nurseries and children’s centres), as we only have a limited number of teams available to do this work.

Please note we need at least two weeks’ notice for all bookings.

This content was last updated on March 20th, 2023