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999 response standards

We have developed nine emergency response categories, based on risk, which are set out in our Community Risk Management Plan 2021-2024. These response time standards are based on the time a call is received on station to the time the appliance arrives at the incident.

The total response time, is made up of the length of time it takes for a 999 call to be handled, a fire engine to be mobilised, firefighters to crew that fire engine, and the travel time for that fire engine to arrive at that incident. The overall response time can be broken down into different elements – Call Handling time, Turnout Time and Travel Time.

The response time measures, take into account, the Turnout and Travel times, but it is also important to monitor the Call Handling Time to be able to see the whole picture.

Our response time performance is reported in full here

Our overall service percentage response standard achievement for 2022/23 is:


Our average response time across all incidents and risk types for 2022/23 is:

8 minutes 07 seconds

Response standards matrix

Incident category risk
Community riskTarget7 minutes9 minutes11 minutes
High6 minutes 44 seconds7 minutes 29 seconds8 minutes 13 seconds
Target9 minutes11 minutes13 minutes
Medium8 minutes 11 seconds8 minutes 8 seconds8 minutes 47 seconds
Target11 minutes13 minutes15 minutes
Low7 minutes 48 seconds8 minutes 15 seconds8 minutes 30 seconds
This table shows how we are performing against our individual response standard targets against our community risk and incident category risk types for the period 2022/23

This content was last updated on June 19th, 2023