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Community Risk Management Plan

What is a Community Risk Management Plan?

A ‘Community Risk Management Plan’ is something all fire and rescue services use to plan their work.

To make the plan, fire services look at all the different risks in their local area.

They then use this information to decide how they will use their people, vehicles and equipment to improve public safety and save lives.

This includes where firefighters, fire stations and fire engines are located- but also involves deciding how and where the fire service will deliver work to make homes and businesses safer.

How often are they updated?

Risk in an area can change for any number of reasons- from population, technological and environmental changes to new housing or business developments.

That’s why these plans are updated every few years- with the process to look at the next plan now underway.

Who signs off the plan?

Residents and staff members are involved throughout the process, before final plans are presented to service’s governing Fire Authority for approval.

Where can I find the current plan?

Our current plan is available as an accessible PDF here

This content was last updated on November 06th, 2023