Contingency Fire Crews

The reason for this recruitment is to provide sufficient cover for South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue (SYFR) in the event of a strike by Firefighters. Whilst SYFR respect the right of staff to undertake industrial action, there is a legal duty placed upon the Fire Authority to provide emergency cover to the public they serve.

NB: SYFR reserve the right to cancel this recruitment at any stage.


We are seeking applicants for the below roles:

Fire & Rescue Operative

Fire & Rescue Operatives will be required to staff fire appliances and attend emergency incidents. Training will be provided. Candidates will be required to be of a good level of physical fitness which will be assessed during the recruitment process via a bleep test and the level of fitness required is 8.7.

Assessment Day: 29 December 2017
Initial Training Course: Three week course, dates to be confirmed

Fire & Rescue Driver/Pump Operator

Driver/Pump Operators will be required to drive fire appliances and operate pumps and will be given suitable Emergency Response Driver Training. Applicants for this role will need to hold a current Class C LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) licence and have undertaken over 200 hours LGV driving.

Assessment Day: 6th August 2018 plus a Driving assessment on 7th or 8th August 2018
Initial Training Course: 3rd – 7th or 17th – 21st September 2018 plus 16th October 2018

Contractual Information

Individuals will be employed on a zero hours contract and SYFR will not be obligated to provide individuals with any hours of work.

Pay: You will receive £13.40 per hour during any period of training or work undertaken.

Retention Fee: You will receive £200 for every four week period of availability you provide after completing your initial training. Please be aware that to receive the retention payment you must attend the relevant ongoing training detailed below as a minimum:

  • Fire Operatives: At least 9 out of 12 training days within a calendar year (in addition to your initial training course)
  • Driver/Pump Operatives: At least 4 out 6 training days within a calendar year (in addition to your initial training course)

Contract Type: You will be contracted to work only when required by the organisation. There will be no guarantee of future work – this is called a zero hours contract.

How to apply

Interested candidates should check that they meet the Eligibility Criteria and then call the Recruitment Line on 0114 253 2814 to apply. We also advise applicants to review the Recruitment Stages and the Initial Training Course to gain an understanding of what the recruitment process and subsequent training will entail.

The recruitment line will be available weekdays from 09:00am to 17:00pm. Please note that there will be no answer machine facility on this line. If you wish to express interest outside of office hours please email with your contact details and we will telephone you as soon as possible.

This content was last updated on July 30th, 2018