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On-call recruitment

What are on-call firefighters?

An on-call firefighter is someone employed by a fire and rescue service who is ‘on-call’ to respond to a range of emergencies and to engage with their community. They respond from home, or another place of work, where they have everyday lives and jobs – until their pager sounds and they become professional firefighters.

Put into more general terms, an on-call firefighter could be classed as a part-time firefighter. Part-time or not, though, they are fully trained and experienced people on the front line, saving lives and protecting people. They are exceptional individuals and there is nothing ‘part-time’ about their commitment.

Our on-call staff come from all areas of the community. For example, they could be stay at home parents, in full or part-time employment, working for themselves, studying at college or university or not currently employed. They are paid for their services, receive thorough training and are taught all they need to know about emergency situations.

Where are your on-call fire stations?

We have on-call firefighters at 7 stations across South Yorkshire. You must live or work within five minutes of one of these stations to be eligible for an on-call firefighter role. These are:

How do I apply?

We open up application windows in March and September each year. We won’t accept applications outside of this time. You can, however, register your interest in an on-call role using the form at the bottom of this page. We will then contact you when recruitment opens.

There is, however, lots you can be doing in the meantime to prepare yourself for a role as an on-call firefighter. You can contact your local station at any point during the year to introduce yourself and learn more about the role. You can also look at the videos and documents below which will help you prepare for the practical tests, the theoretical tests and the interview process.

Once you have applied for a role with us, you will be required to do some online tests shortly afterwards before going on to fitness and practical tests. After this is the interview stage, before the medical stage. Successful candidates will then be required to attend our Training & Development Centre at various points over the following six months.

Job related tests

Prior to starting your firefighter course, you must pass a series of job related tests. These are all demonstrated and explained in the below videos series:

Getting firefighter fit

So you’ve applied, and now you need to get ready for the tests and, potentially, your firefighter training course?

Don’t worry – we’ve created these videos to show you what you need to do…

Case studies

Check out our dedicated case studies page and watch the below video to hear some of our serving on-call firefighters tell you why it’s such a fantastic job…

Useful documents

You can read our on-call information booklet for potential new staff, here.

You can read our on-call information booklet for employers, who are considering releasing somebody to be an on-call firefighter, here. 

On-Call Firefighter Recruitment – Candidate Information Pack
Firefighter Recruitment – FAQs
Information for Online Recruitment Stages 
Exercise & Fitness Guidance

Personal Qualities and Attributes (PQAs)
Online Recruitment Stages – Practise Tests 
Online Recruitment Stages – Technical Guidance
Behavioural Styles Questionnaire (BSQ) Information
Situational Judgement Test (SJT) Information

Register your interest

Click here to register your interest in an on-call role within South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue.

This content was last updated on August 25th, 2021