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Open water safety advice following lake rescue

Fire officers are asking the public to stay safe this summer by not risking their lives through swimming in open water.

Firefighters had to rescue two men on Friday evening after they had entered water at Lakeside, Doncaster.

Crews from Edlington, Doncaster, Rivelin and Aston Park stations responded to the incident at around 9.30pm, finding the pair clinging to a boat in the middle of the lake.

They used a fire service boat to rescue the men, who were both in their twenties, after they had entered the water to cool off in hot weather. They were both taken to hospital possibly suffering from the effects of hypothermia.

Over 400 people die in the water every year in the UK and as the summer continues and temperatures become warmer, it is essential to be aware of the dangers that rivers, lakes and reservoirs can present.

Places like rivers, lakes or flooded quarries are completely unsuitable for swimming as they hide a number of hidden dangers.

River flows can be unpredictable and the water is often deeper, colder and faster than expected.

The dangers of open water are:

  • The water can be much deeper than you expect
  • Rivers, lakes, canals and reservoirs are much colder than you think
  • Open water can carry water borne diseases, like Weils disease
  • Cold water dramatically affects your ability to swim
  • There may be hidden currents, which can pull you under the water
  • You don’t know what lies beneath, like pieces of rubbish or reeds which can trap or injure you

This content was last updated on July 13th, 2015