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Request an incident report

When South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (SYFR) attend an incident, a report is completed using the Incident Recording System (IRS). From this, an IRS Report can be generated. An example of what an Incident Report may look like is available here.

This incident information is collected for statistical purposes and determined by the Home Office covering fires, false alarms and non-fire incidents. It will include basic details about the incident, such as:

  • where the fire took place
  • the time we were called
  • what the nature of the incident was
  • details about ignition
  • the area of damage

Depending on the nature of an incident, the Senior Fire Investigating Officer may also add additional details to an Incident Report.

It should be noted that in providing such information from official reports, SYFR accepts no legal responsibility for the accuracy of its suppositions and conclusions which are compiled primarily for its own guidance and statistical purposes.

Who Can Request an Incident Report?

An Incident Report can be supplied to Housing Associations, Solicitors, Insurance/Claim Companies and members of the public who can demonstrate residence or ownership of a directly affected property or vehicle. Upon receipt of your request, you may be asked to provide proof of ownership or to explain the reason for your request. You will also be advised of the appropriate fee (if applicable) at this time.

Please note, reports cannot be provided unless you or your property were directly affected. It is not possible to provide an Incident Report for an incident that happened at a neighbour’s/friend’s house.

Is there a charge?

We do not charge for written confirmation of our attendance at an incident nor for supplying the incident number.

A copy of the report can be requested and may be subject to a charge (currently £111.00). Please note, sensitive and confidential information will be removed from the reports along with all personal data.

How to request a report

If you would like to request a copy of a report, please email with the following information. Failure to do so may result in delays processing your request.

  • Name
  • Reason for report
  • Where the incident happened
  • When the incident happened. Please include date and time. If you’re unsure, a rough estimate is fine i.e. afternoon of 24th or 25th December)
  • Incident number (if available)
  • Any other information

This content was last updated on May 10th, 2024